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Advent Of Code Day 3

2 minute read

Third day of Advent of Code. During undergrad, my favourite comment I got on an assignment was ‘This code should be taken out and be shot’1. I feel like my s...

Advent Of Code Day 2

2 minute read

Second day of Advent of Code. This time our computer burst into flames and we have to reset it. I’m not sure how the code is meant to work if the computer ju...

Advent Of Code Day 1

1 minute read

Learning R more has been in my to do list for a while, so I thought I would attempt Advent of Code in R. Here is Day 1.

What is a street name

8 minute read

Now that we have streets sorted, we need to work out what part is the name. The most common full street name may be “Small Street”, but I now want to separat...

What is a street?

5 minute read

Previously we cleaned up Sydney data for OSM. The next step is to explore what is the most common street name for Sydney